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About FoLR

In response to economic uncertainty in Lebanon and its impact upon the game, we established Friends of Lebanon Rugby; a not-for-profit micro-sponsorship platform that allows everyday people from around the world to make a small and regular financial contributions to help the game in Lebanon survive.

How It Works

FoLR serves as a conduit to finance the Lebanese Rugby Union Federation by receiving quarterly applications for funding from Lebanon Rugby, and potential charitable recipients of the Lebanon Rugby Social Impact Fund. We assess proposed funding spend, and manage financial disbursements. Forecast and past financial transactions can be found below. FoLR is governed by and subject to the law of England and Wales.

Getting Started

Receive a small monthly donation from you.

Social Impact Fund

50% of your donation will go towards the Lebanon Rugby Social Impact Fund.

Lebanon Rugby

Receive and analyse quarterly funding requests from Lebanon Rugby for the remaining 50%.

Fund Rugby

Directly fund the growth of Rugby Union in Lebanon’s Schools & Communities.


Make no profit and transparently publish our finances.

Where Your Money Goes

All sponsorship proceeds will go directly towards funding Lebanon Rugby, with the exception of minor administration costs of between 2 and 3%. When a sponsor enrols as a Friend of Lebanon Rugby, their sponsorship is paid into a FoLR’s UK bank account where it is held until the board reviews Lebanon Rugby’s quarterly application for funds. Receipts and accounts are reconciled for past quarters, ensuring full transparency of spend.

Next (and first) publication of finances: January 2021

We’re brand new and intend to open for donations in November 2020. We’ll publish our first financial update in January 2021, right here.

The Board

The Friends of Lebanon Rugby board is comprised of UK and Australia based businessmen with deep ties to Lebanon Rugby and Lebanon.
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