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We collect small monthly donations from individuals around the World. Help grow Lebanon Rugby and help feed Lebanon’s poorest families in this time of crisis.


Sponsorship of Friends of Lebanon Rugby will allow us to continue to bring rugby to young people across the country, while helping Lebanon’s rugby community play an active role in supporting the country’s poorest at a time of unprecedented crisis. We would love your help.

Where Your Money Goes

All money raised through Friends of Lebanon Rugby will be solely distributed to Lebanon Rugby and our affiliated Charities. The only thing profiting from FoLR is Lebanon.

All sponsorship proceeds will go directly towards funding Lebanon Rugby, with the exception of minor administration costs of between 2 and 3%. When a sponsor enrols as a Friend of Lebanon Rugby, their sponsorship is paid into a FoLR’s UK bank account where it is held until the board reviews Lebanon Rugby’s quarterly application for funds. Receipts and accounts are reconciled for past quarters, ensuring full transparency of spend.

Next (and first) publication of finances: January 2021.

We’re brand new and intend to open for donations in November 2020. We’ll publish our first financial update in January 2021, right here.

Social Impact Fund

A small fund that is disbursed to local charities we have vetted, and grassroots humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the rugby community

Lebanese Rugby Union Federation

Operational Costs


Grass Roots Development of Rugby in Schools & Academies


Rugby Equipment & Kit

Give back to Lebanon and its communities today!

Subscribe to one of our monthly donation plans.

When you become a Friend of Lebanon Rugby, you join our Community. If you ever find yourself in Beirut, reach out – we’d love to hear form you.

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